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Performance Analysis: World of Tanks enCore, Tested on 10 GPUs

Graphics & Rendering Settings

Graphics & Rendering Settings

While the game engine seems to take into account a number of graphics settings, such as texture quality, lighting, terrain, water, vegetation, and even shadows, it is not possible to set these individually within the benchmark. You'll have to make do with three presets for now: Minimum, Medium, or Ultra. It is still possible to specify a resolution and anti-aliasing mode (deactivated, TSSAA LQ, or TSSAA HQ).

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The main differences between Medium and Ultra include shadow, lighting, and texture detail; the complexity and number of decorative elements (particularly the vegetation); lighting effects; and anti-aliasing quality. Medium looks significantly better than the existing game's equivalent, and we definitely expect it to satisfy gamers with mainstream DirectX 11-compatible platforms.


At its lowest-quality preset, World of Tanks enCore looks a lot like the game's current implementation. Skip this setting unless you're playing with 10-year-old hardware.

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World of Tanks enCore
World of Tanks enCore