Mainstream Or Hardcore? Two X58 Motherboards Compared

Overclocking And Feature Comparison

Platform Overclocking Results

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MotherboardMSI X58 Pro-EMSI Big Bang Xpower
Core i7-980X Clock4134 MHz4134 MHz
Turbo Multi-Core32x32x
Turbo Single-Core33x33x
Base Frequency133 MHz133 MHz
Turbo BoostYesYes
System Idle Power99 W108 W
System Peak Power349 W351 W
BIOS Vcore+0.250 V1.50 V
CPU-Z VT idle1.216 V1.472 V
CPU-Z VT load1.448 V1.416 V
PLL1.880 V1.900 V
PCH1.8 V1.8 V
RAM1.5 V1.5 V
Fritz chess benchmark2201821851

Feature Comparison Table

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Board SetupMSI X58 Pro-EMSI Big Bang Xpower
Power Connector1 x 8-Pin2 x 8-Pin
PCIe Power-1 x 6-Pin
Port 80 DebugNoYes
PCI-E x16 Slots3x6x
PCI 32 bit2x-
CPU PWM Phases616
HD SoundRealtekRealtek ALC889 EAX 5.0-compliant
SATA6 x 3Gb /s6 x 3Gb/s2 x 6Gb/s
Combinded USB/eSATA-1x
USB 3.0-2x
USB 2.06 x panel6 x panel
6 x connector4 x connector
Gigabit Ethernet1x2x
Fan Headers1 x CPU, 3 x Sys1 x CPU, 4 x Sys