XPG Pylon 550W Power Supply Review

A Bronze CPU with an FDB fan.

XPG Pylon 550W
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XPG did well in releasing an affordable PSU line, more than adequately addressing the needs of users on tight budgets. All Pylon models use a reliable CWT platform, and XPG asked for several modifications, which increase reliability and performance. The addition of an FDB fan in this category is something that doesn't pass unnoticed. It might increase the price, but this bearing offers an increased lifetime while keeping noise output low. The major reduction in production cost that offset this inclusion was in removing the modular cables. This will be a letdown for many users, but we feel it is better for the PSU's performance and lifespan to sacrifice the modular cables rather than use inferior parts for the internals. 

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The XPG Pylon 550W is a fine mid-capacity PSU, which isn't just suitable for office-use systems but also works for mid-level gaming PCs equipped with not-so-power-hungry CPUs and GPUs. 

If you want something flashier, maybe with RGB lighting, you should take a look at the Corsair CX550F. Alternately, a more affordable option is the Corsair VS550, though that PSU lags far behind in the performance because it uses a group-regulation scheme on its secondary side. Another good option in this category is the Cooler Master MWE Bronze 550, which uses a modern platform, and there is also the Corsair CX550, which also uses a contemporary design. 

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  • NightHawkRMX
    Given the transient response, I don't know how well this unit would take a high end GPU, but realistically you shouldn't be pairing a 3090 or something with a 550w PSU anyhow.

    Right now the XPG Pylon 550w is about $70, the same cost as a CX550 right now. I wish the XPG had a longer warranty, but it is some good competition.