SteelSeries' Arena 7 RGB 2.1 speakers down to an all-time low on Amazon

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Pick up a new sound system for your PC today. Down to an all-time low on Amazon, the colorful SteelSeries Arena 7 speaker system features a 2.1 speaker setup that consists of 2 speakers and a 6.5" subwoofer, plenty of connectivity, and a 4-zone illuminated RGB lighting setup to add flair to your PC gaming rig. 

Reduced from $299, this deal knocks 27% off the retail MSRP and lets you pick up the SteelSeries Arena 7 illuminated 2.1 gaming speakers for only $219. These speakers still seem expensive for a set of 2.1 speakers, but you are getting a little more than the norm for the money. The controls are intuitive. It has a volume dial and a convenient, multi-function button for selecting mute, a headset, or pairing a Bluetooth device. There are also several connectivity options that include either a Toslink optical connection, a standard USB-C cable connection, or a 3.5 mm auxiliary port.

The speakers themselves use premium organic fiber for the subwoofer and mid-range drivers and silk domes for the tweeters. These premium materials help deliver a clear soundscape and also make the speakers look fantastic.

SteelSeries Arena 7 Illuminated 2.1 Gaming Speakers: now $219 at Amazon

SteelSeries Arena 7 Illuminated 2.1 Gaming Speakers: now $219 at Amazon (was $299)

The SteelSeries Arena 7 is a 2.1 speaker system consisting of 2 speakers and a subwoofer. What helps this speaker setup to stand out above the competition is the illuminated 4-zone RGB lighting (PC Only), intuitive controls, and multiple connectivity options that include USB C, Toslink optical, and Bluetooth 4.2.

Using SteelSeries' Sonar software on PC will also enable you to tweak the sound to your liking thanks to a 10-band parametric equalizer, acoustic echo cancellation, and spatial audio for faux-surround sound. So if you're on the hunt for a premium-grade 2.1 speaker setup that looks and sounds good, this could be a great deal for you.

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  • brandonjclark
    "Music to my ears" - And lights for your eyes, too!

    RGB speakers... lol
  • Notton
    If they don't sound good at that cost, I'd be amazed.
    I like that they have TOSlink and USB-C, so you don't have to worry about line noise from an analogue connection.
  • pixelpusher220
    Still amazed they continue to think proprietary speaker connections are tolerable. Just use an RCA plug or even a 3.5 if you have to. Especially with a 2.1 system, you're going to be running cables and a 3 foot cable is often not long enough.
  • obiasobias
    I just bought the Arena 7 RGB 2.1 Speaker from SteelSerie and it's on sale now. I really didn't seize the opportunity.