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Cooler Master Shows Off Heatsink Computer

Cooler Master is at CES this week showing off quite the unique heatsink. Spotted at the Cooler Master booth by the folks over at PC Perspective, this processor heatsink has an actual computer inside. That's right, while it might look like an ordinary Cooler Master Hyper 212+ CPU heastink and fan, there's a lot going on behind the scenes. Or should we say, behind the heatsink?

PC Perspective's Tim Verry writes that around the back of this piece of kit you'll find a nano-ITX motherboard and AMD's E-350 APU based on the Brazos platform, complete with support for Wi-Fi, HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and what looks to be VGA and e-SATA connections.

Cooler Master hasn't yet commented publicly on the device, so there's no way of knowing if this thing is going to be available commercially or if it's just an experiment to show the masses at CES (like last year's Nvidia beer keg). Sure, it may be a little impractical to have a computer inside of your computer, and gaining access to this thing while it's inside your computer might prove difficult, but on the other hand, why not?

Head on over to PC Perspective for the full range of photos of this thing.