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Deepcool Rolls Out New GAMMAXX S40 Cooler

Deepcool has announced a brand new addition to its line of CPU coolers, the GAMMAXX S40. In this instance, the S is supposed to represent the small or compact nature of the cooler, though Deepcool promises there's no tradeoff in cooling performance.


The S40 boasts the same bowl-shaped 120mm fan we saw in the GAMMAXX 300. It runs between 900 and 1600RPM and achieves a maximum airflow of 55.5CFM at 21dBA. The heatsink body is fully nickle-plated for durability and to prevent oxidation and Deepcool says the four heatpipes touch the processor directly in order to quickly transfer heat to the fins. The fins themselves feature a unique design that Deepcool refers to as 'holes-on-fins.' The idea is that this allows the cooler to push hot air out of the heatsink at a faster rate.

With support for support Intel LGA2011 and AMD FM2, FM1, Deepcool didn't mention anything on pricing or availability but we'll keep you posted.

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