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Adata Also Announces Its DDR4 Overclocking Memory

Adata, after launching its premier DDR4 memory, has now announced its XPG Z1 DDR4 memory, which is the company’s overclocking memory. The memory modules are built to be used with the upcoming Haswell-E processors on the X99 platform.

Adata has built the DIMMs with 10-layer PCBs, along with 2oz copper. They also operate at just 1.2 V; DDR4 memory may run between 1.05 V through 1.2 V, which is lower than the 1.5 V through 1.65 V we saw for DDR3. This reduces power consumption, and thus heat output, making it possible to run at higher frequencies. On the units we find large red heatsinks, which will complement some builds, but not all. Hopefully the units will also be available in other colors in the future.

Regarding performance, the modules will be available with frequencies up to 2800 MHz. These modules will have CL17 timings. The cheapest units that will be available will run at 2133 MHz with CL15 timings. A step above that are 2133 MHz modules with CL13 timings, and there are 2400 MHz modules with CL16 timings, too. Each of these will be available in 4 GB or 8 GB DIMMs. Adata has made kits available with either two 4 GB modules, two 8GB modules, four 4 GB modules, or four 8 GB models, so kit capacities range from 8 GB through 32 GB.

Overall, it is clear that DDR4 memory is still young. We’ve seen faster DDR3 memory with lower timings, but that’s okay; as time goes on we’ll see better and better DDR4 memory come along -- when DDR3 came out it also wasn't much better than existing high-end DDR2, so we're not all that surprised. We expect that once DDR4 hits mainstream implementations the real jump will happen.

No word on pricing yet, though we do know that the units will be available soon, likely in time for the Haswell-E release mid-September.

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