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Arctic Builds 'Hybrid III-140' Liquid Graphics Card Cooler With 140 mm Radiator

Up until now, if you wanted a powerful cooler for graphics cards from Arctic, you'd be stuck with one of its more traditional air-cooled radiators. Of course, you would be able to go with the Accelero Hybrid II-120, but for some real power, the air-cooled units still did better. That tide may be turning, however, as Arctic has now announced its Accelero Hybrid III-140.

Compared to its smaller brother, the new unit ups the radiator size and adds different heatsinks for each model graphics card, and adds a small fan. These improvements are all to ensure that its memory and VRMs also get adequately cooled, and that the GPU gets a little more cooling power.

The main loop features a 140 mm radiator, with a 140 mm fan mounted over it, along with a GPU block with a pump built in. This loop cools only the GPU, which is then assisted by a rear-mounted heatsink, and a heatsink mounted on the card's VRM and memory on the opposite side. An additional 80 mm fan is included to help that process.

Arctic did not give all the specifications for both fans but did indicate that the smaller 80 mm fan can spin at speeds between 600 and 2000 RPM with PWM control, that the larger fan will draw up to 0.26 A, and that the sound level can be as high as 0.3 sone (which roughly translates to somewhere between 22-23 dBA), although it isn't clear which fan that is for, or if it is for both fans combined.

Pricing for the unit sits at $119.99, which includes one choice of heatsink. When you put the product into your basket while shipping on Arctic's website, you can choose from a heatsink for Nvidia's GTX 770, GTX 780, GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti, AMD's R9 280(X), R9 290(X), or a generic unit. Chances are that more options will come available in due time.

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