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Bykski Releases First Waterblock for Nvidia RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Founders Edition Cards

(Image credit: ezmodding)

With the launch of the Nvidia Founder's Edition RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 cards, one of the concerns is availability of waterblocks for these cards. Nvidia is launching two board designs, one Founders Edition and one ‘Reference’ board that features a more traditional board shape. Watercooling company EKWB is making waterblocks for the latter version, but thus far there has been no sign for a block for the Founder's Edition cards. Until now. 

Manufacturer Bykski has outed a waterblock for the FE cards, as listed at This waterblock covers the memory, VRM circuitry, and GPU, and accommodates the V-shaped cutout. 

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Of course, the question you really have to ask yourself is why you would want to bother watercooling a Founder's Edition card. The unusual design is there to accommodate the flow-through cooler, and it would be a shame to pay the Nvidia premium for this card if you could simply opt for a more regular-design card from one of Nvidia's AIBs and ditch a cheaper cooler. 

If you do though, Bykski's waterblock does look the part. The variant with the nickel-plated copper base and an acrylic top is currently sold out, and there is no other version for the FE cards yet. Pricing is set at €140 for European customers. It's unclear whether this block specifically will make it to the US, but I'm sure there will be a US option in due time.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.