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Corsair Issues Recall for Some HX1200 and HX1200i Power Supplies

Corsair HX1200i
Corsair HX1200i (Image credit: Corsair)

Through a post on the company's forums, Corsair announced a recall on its HX1200 and HX1200i series of power supplies. While the issue isn't life-threatening, i.e., the power supplies won't burst into flames, Corsair still recommends that consumers contact the manufacturer for a replacement unit. The company has also put out the word for retailers to return affected units so none of them can make it to the consumer.

Corsair says that some HX1200 and HX1200i units may cause compatibility issues with certain motherboards, but the company didn't go into finer details. Essentially, the power supply will prevent the system from booting. The issue may arise immediately or after installation. Corsair has emphasized that the problem will not damage your hardware, but you should still call in for a replacement unit anyway.

The impacted HX1200 and HX1200i power supplies come with lot codes from 2030XXXX to 2041XXXX, which were typically commercialized after July 20, 2020. Corsair has provided a short and simple guide to decipher the lot code for your unit.


YY = Year = 2020
WW = Week = 30th week (20 Jul)
XXXX = Manufacture code

Since it's an isolated problem and one that only affects a small lot, Corsair didn't issue a full recall on the HX1200 or HX1200i units. Instead, affected owners of one of the aforementioned power supplies should contact Corsair's customer service team through this form to arrange for an advanced RMA.