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Intel Hexacore Gulftown to be Core i7 980X EE

Along with the revamped Nehalem-based Westmere chips, Intel will be bringing a hexacore variant codenamed Gulftown.

Many figured that this new class of desktop chip with its six cores and twelve threads would put it in a class that Intel would see fit to name Core i9 – but if leaked Intel slides are to be believed, Intel is keeping it within the Core i7 family.

Chinese website PCOnline shows a slide that clearly describes an Intel Core i7-980X Processor Extreme Edition as one built on a 32nm process with 12MB Intel Smart Cache and a 130W TDP.

While this leaves some of us wondering what, if anything, Intel will slot into a possible Core i9 class, the positive side is that Intel won't have to print up a whole different set of system badge stickers for the new Gulftown CPU.

This is just the latest in a string of Gulftown leaks. Last month, a Polish website got its hands on an engineering sample and put the chip through its (quick) paces.

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  • El_Capitan
    Can't wait to pay $1,400 for this sucker... or maybe I'm the sucker?
  • brett1042002
    But will it play...

    Duck Hunt...
  • Honis
    El_CapitanCan't wait to pay $1,400 for this sucker... or maybe I'm the sucker?Get it on ebay, it's cheaper!,9200.html?xtmc=intel_cpu_ebay&xtcr=1
  • JofaMang
    Yours for only $1800!
  • idisarmu
    MSRP: 2 souls. In order to buy this processor, you must convince someone you love to donate their soul.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    Explains the expected high price tags. Unfortunately it means that slower speed and cheaper six cores will be unlikely for a while. Ideally I'd want a 2.66GHz 6 core that costs about 50% more than the i7 920 and clocks just as well.
  • OwinC
    HonisGet it on ebay, it's cheaper! bay&xtcr=1To processor demanding.;p
  • OwinC
    Quoited the wrong comment..
    brett1042002But will it play...Duck Hunt...To processor demanding.;p
  • Abrahm
    Looks like I'll have to hold out on a new computer until the hexcores drop to reasonable prices. Luckily my current computer still has pretty of horsepower left in her.
  • xaira
    read somewhere that the first of these to be released will be clocked at 3.33ghz, cant wait for it to be released so i can buy amds answer for 1/4 the price