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Rift, Vive Launches Affected With Component Shortages, Processing Issues

The launch of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive have been marred with various processing and shipping issues, which angered customers of both devices. This weekend, both companies released a status update regarding their respective ongoing issues.

Mistaken Cancelled Orders

Days before the Vive’s launch, some users had their orders automatically cancelled “due to processing issues with financial institutions.”

At the moment, the Vive team is currently working to fix the problem, and it even managed to get some orders back to affected customers. If your order was unexpectedly cancelled, representatives from the team will work with you to get your order back on track. You’ll also need to contact your bank or credit card company in order to notify them of an upcoming charge on your account.

Supply Shortage

Even though a handful of Rift HMDs are already in the hands of some customers, there are more people that were supposed to get theirs this week. However, I pre-ordered a Rift and received an email that stated that some of the first customers couldn’t get their Rift on time due to “an unexpected component shortage.”

As a result, Oculus is revising its shipping dates, and you can check your updated shipping information on the company’s website on Tuesday, April 12. Even with this hurdle, Oculus believes that future units will still arrive on their intended shipping dates, and the company will cover any shipping and handling costs on every order placed until today.

An Ounce Of Prevention

For now, both companies are resolving their current issues and reassuring customers that their VR HMDs will be arriving soon. It’s not exactly a smooth launch for Oculus and HTC, but everything seems to be under control. For now.

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