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Sapphire Unveils Passively Cooled Radeon HD 7770 Card

The card follows the previously released HD 7750 Ultimate. The new card runs at spec speeds with a 1000 MHz engine clock and 1125 MHz memory clock, up from the 7750's 900 MHz engine clock.

Compared to the 7750, this card comes with two DisplayPort interfaces instead of just one and carries over the single HDMI and DVI ports. What makes it special is that it does not use a fan, but dissipates all heat via a massive heatspreader. The downside of this design is that the heatspreader increases the length of the reference design card by about 25 percent.

There was no price provided by Sapphire. AMD's suggested price for the 7770 is $159, but it is likely that the initial retail prices for this card will be closer to $200. The 7750 Silent Edition currently sells for street prices in the $140 to $160 range, about $40 to $50 above the typical $110 7750 card. Expect a similar premium for the 7770.