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Seasonic Revamps Its PSU Product Lines

It took quite some time for Seasonic to release a Titanium PSU efficiency line, leaving the field open to other OEMs, especially Super Flower, which is its direct competitor. However, as it turns out, all this time Seasonic's engineers were preparing a new high-performance platform; our reviews of the Prime 850W and 650W models clearly show that they did their jobs well--so well, in fact, that Super Flower may be forced to redesign its high-end Leadex platform to keep pace.

According to Seasonic, 2017 will be an important milestone because it will release several new product lines that will include high performance and quality power supplies. This process has already begun with the introduction of the PRIME Titanium Series last year, and it will be followed by the completion of the the same line with a 1kW unit, which will be the flagship model. Moreover, many Platinum and Gold Prime units will follow, addressing users that cannot afford the premium prices of the Titanium models. The new FOCUS series will play in the mid-level category featuring mid power output and Gold or Platinum efficiency certification levels.

All new PSU lines will have a refreshed look, and Seasonic stated that appearance is not the only aspect that will change; the new models will also feature innovative builds, features, and increased performance. Following the full lineup of the PRIME Titanium, Platinum, and Gold Series in chronological order, the first FOCUS Series models will make their appearance on store shelves in the second quarter of this year. The FOCUS Series units will be manufactured in both fully modular and semi-modular flavors.

Seasonic will also introduce the AirTouch, a specialty PSU which allows users to select among five different cooling profiles.

Seasonic Series Replacements
Efficiency (80 PLUS)CurrentReplacementSpecial Edition
TitaniumPRIME Titanium + FLSnow Silent
PlatinumPlatinumPRIME PlatinumSnow Silent
Platinum FanlessPRIME Fanless
GoldX SeriesPRIME GoldAirTouch
G SeriesFOCUS+New X
BronzeM12II EvoCORE+

The Platinum, Platinum Fanless, X, G, M12II Evo, and S12II lines will be replaced by the new PRIME, FOCUS+, CORE+, and CORE lines. Seasonic will do a major revamp with its portfolio in 2017. All new Seasonic models will be fully modular except for the FOCUS, which will be semi-modular, and the CORE units, which will have only fixed cables.

Seasonic's full product lineup for 2017 is depicted in the following table:

Seasonic Product Lineup 2017
Efficiency (80 PLUS)1200W1000W850W750W650W550W450W
Snow SilentSnow SilentSnow Silent
Platinum GamingPlatinum GamingPlatinum GamingPlatinum Gaming
AirTouchSnow Silent
New XNew XNew XNew X
Aris Mpitziopoulos
Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.