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In Pictures: 40 Of The Dirtiest PCs You've Ever Seen

An Open Lid

Our first lid! Dust filters really do help – if they’re cleaned every once in a while.

A Massive Lid

Another lid. This time it’s quite a bit larger.


The fine threads of the silkworm make this PC the ideal setup for some extra income on the side. This is the way to become a textile manufacturer in only five years without any help from a job agency.

Ripped Off Lid

A third front-panel cover! At least the grey color hides the germs.


This CPU cooler is guaranteed to not cool your processor.

On The Periphery

Vintage peripherals.

Poor Kermit

This could’ve been a nice dish for someone adventurous: the perfectly fried frog.


It’s plain to see which letters and numbers the user doesn’t touch very often.

Building Terraces

Is it metal? Plastic? Polychlorinated biphenyl? It's all dust to me.

Pretty Colors

Who says that PC dust always has to be grey? Maybe that’s just a passing fad.