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Benchmark Analysis

We compared all benchmark results with both the Sempron LE-1100 and the dual core Pentium E2140, and then analyzed the results. We purposely excluded synthetic benchmarks from the analysis.

BenchmarkPentium Dual-Core E2140 1.60 GHzSempron 64 LE-1100 1.90 GHz
Lame27.7%19.7 %
AVG Antivirus40.0%23.7%
Cinema 4D Release 1040.7%-13.5%

As the table shows, the Celeron 220 lags behind the dual core Pentium by a wide margin, trailing it by up to 60% due to its single-core architecture. Yet even when compared to the single-core Sempron LE-1100, the Celeron still falls short by up to 29%. Cinema 4D is the only exception here, since it is heavily optimized for the Conroe Architecture, giving the Celeron a 13% edge over the Sempron.