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Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 Review: Improving On A Classic Case

The Arc Midi R2's Exterior

The Arc Midi R2’s exterior is very similar to the old version. Fractal Design's branding is now visible on the bottom of the front cover, as opposed to being written on the top of the front cover. The rubber-framed tube openings above the fan on the back are gone. And as we noted on the first page, the most conspicuous change is the addition of a lightly tinted side window on the left of the case.

Nevertheless, the basic design persists, which is to say that it leaves you with the same solid impression we have come to know and like. This isn’t just due to the case’s solidly-built internal frame, but also because of its rigid plastic front and top covers. Fractal Design deliberately tries to give the Arc Midi R2 a simple and elegant look, which comes very close to the appearance of brushed aluminum in black. The outside parts fit well together, but can be easily removed if needed. Both the top and the front employ a lot of thin mesh. It's a nice touch.