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System Builder Marathon, August 2012: $1000 Enthusiast PC

Core i5-3570K And GeForce GTX 670 Are Potent

Now, we'd like to combine all of the benchmark results into two categories: application performance and gaming performance at 1920x1080. How does today's build stand up to the $1000 machine we built just one month ago?

This is an amazing example of the difference just a few months can make in the technology industry. Despite throwing more money at parts that didn't necessarily help our performance numbers, like an SSD and more memory, today's configuration is significantly better than the one that came before. Its stock performance is even better than the prior machine's overclocked effort.

To be fair, last quarter we used a Core i5-2400. The most we could get out of it was an extra 500 MHz, yielding 3.6 GHz. That overclock was about as good as today's build, but with everything running at its default settings. Once we whip out the overclocking, performance simply screams out in front of the older machine. We can't help but be impressed by a $230 CPU able to jump up to 4.6 GHz with just a .1 V increase. 

We're so impressed, in fact, that we're very much curious to see how this machine sizes up to the performance of Thomas' $2000 build tomorrow and the value of Paul's $500 setup, which we covered yesterday. We'll need to wait two days until Thomas publishes his analysis of our performance and pricing data!