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System Builder Marathon, August 2012: $1000 Enthusiast PC

Benchmark Results: Synthetics

Today's build boasts formidable hardware. Its Core i5-3570K's multiplier is unlocked, and its boot drive delivers fast responsiveness. Our synthetic benchmarks will undoubtedly reflect those benefits.

The previous system's stock memory bandwidth was slightly higher. When it's overclocked, however, August's build should walk away with an easy victory thanks to more responsive overclocking. When it comes to graphics performance, however, both systems should perform somewhat similarly.

At low resolutions, a faster processor clearly helps the new build. Under the Extreme preset (1920x1080), though, results are very close.

PCMark 7 was reworked to better-consider SSD performance, and today's small SSD has no trouble humbling its predecessor. Having said that, daily tasks don't necessarily demonstrate the differences this synthetic metric suggests.

The Core i5-3570K's stock performance equals the previous build's overclocked showing. And, once the Ivy Bridge architecture is unleashed, it's obviously superior. Our memory overclock helps augment bandwidth quite a bit, too.