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Computex 2007: Storage, 4+ GHz Quad Cores and Systems


"Mountain Snow" HTPC Case By Tsunami

Internally, the MJR2 is called Mountain Snow. It's a co-development between Intel and Tsunami, designed for HTPC systems. You can use this aluminum case either standing up or laying flat.

Shuttle Has The First X38 Mini Barebone PC: SX38P3 Deluxe

It is not yet ready, but its specifications are impressive. The SX38P3 Deluxe is based on the upcoming X38 enthusiast chipset from Intel, supporting the next-generation 45 nm processors, including quad cores. Everything in it is state-of-the art, including all-solid capacitors, extensive overclocking features, a power supply with improved efficiency - Shuttle calls it 80 PLUS, which refers to offering 80+% energy efficiency - low noise operation, eSATA support, integrated 802.11 b/g wireless, and of course, Dual PCI Express 2.0 x16 graphics. As always, the finish looks nice, and even though this is an early sample, the design leaves little to argue with.