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Computex 2007: Motherboard Mania

DDR3 RAM On-Board!

Looks like Asus is in the mood to try out new things. The P5K3 Deluxe comes with 2 GB of integrated DDR3 memory (by Quimonda/Infineon), which runs DDR3-1600 speed. According to Asus, the integration of memory onto the motherboard allows the memory controller to run tighter timings and much higher clock speeds. As we discussed the technology, Asus even claimed to reach DDR3-2000 easier than conventional solutions. Corsair has showcased its DDR3 Dominator RAM at DDR3-2000 speed as well - and we can say it’s a running prototype and not a static demonstration - but it will still be several months until you can buy such a product at retail.

Whether or not this approach makes sense remains to be seen, but from a flexibility standpoint we don’t like this approach, because the 2 GB DDR3 RAM cannot be upgraded at all. Also, this certainly makes the memory more expensive than the rest of the motherboard. So is this idea stupid or ingenious ? Time will tell.

Extend Your Heat Pipe To Cool Your RAM

I’m wondering whether Asus is trying to attract attention or if this may really make sense : The latest heat pipe design idea even includes memory cooling.

And there is more news from Asus : the M3A32-MVP, which is based on the ATI RD790 chipset, comes with one of these sweet heat pipes. But there is even more : the heat pipes even extend around two memory modules. Who knows, if not properly ventilated, you might even end up heating up your memory...