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Computex 2007 Summary

Speakers Go Bluetooth

One of the trends in multimedia devices at Computex 2007 was wireless Bluetooth speakers. Billionton is one of the companies that manufacture these products. The sound quality may not please the most sophisticated ears, but it will be good enough for many people who just want to listen to their favorite music or radio stations while they're in the bathroom.

Why waste a lot of time choosing the most exotic names for your products? "Bluetooth Speaker" says it all about this product. As long as they look like an iPod they don't really need strange monikers, I guess. These cost $50; audio output power is 10 W + 2x 3 W (RMS).

These BT speakers are cheaper; they have a very technical look and cost just $40. We would rather have the iPod-ish ones, though this model is easier to carry around. Audio output power: 2x 5 W (RMS).