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DDR For AMD: 16 Boards With VIA KT266

Shuttle AK31: High Voltage, Continued

Positive: The board has integrated network facilities

The distinguishing feature of the AK31 is the adjustable CPU core voltage of up to 2.025 Volts. This fact will set the pulse of all Duron owners racing, as it allows them to get maximum performance out of the small and inexpensive CPU. An ergonomic feature comes in the shape of an AGP holder, which effectively prevents the graphics card from falling out. The Shuttle board is shipped with a factory set front-side-bus of 134.0 MHz and, in conjunction with the AMD Athlon 1200, achieves a clock rate of 1206.2 MHz. The BIOS only displays 1200 MHz. An adjustment (as per specification) to 133 MHz is not possible. Shuttle is the only manufacturer in the test field to supply a cable for the fifth and sixth USB port. The board produces a convincing set of performance ratings, placing first in many of the benchmark disciplines.

A rarity: Shuttle supplies an additional cable for the fifth and sixth USB port.

Shuttle AK32: Dual Version For SDRAM/DDR-SDRAM

Board revision: 1.0

The data of the Shuttle AK32 are identical to those of the AK31 apart from the two DIMM slots.