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DDR For AMD: 16 Boards With VIA KT266

DFI AD70-SR: Ideal For Overclocking

Board revision: 0.2

The BIOS settings of the DFI AD70-SR proved to be highly versatile. For instance, it is possible to adjust both the CPU core voltage and the clock rate of the front-side-bus. However, an adjustment of up to 250 MHz does appear slightly excessive, since the board gives up beyond 166 MHz in any case. This is the only board in the test where the manufacturer has omitted a sound chip. Like many of the competitors, the DFI features a Promise Ultra 100 "Lite" controller, which permits a total of eight IDE devices to be connected. Whereas a number of manufacturers overshoot the FSB clock rate of 133 MHz as the factory default, the AD70-SR works with a frequency of 133.0 MHz, which produces a CPU timing of 1197.2 MHz. Consequently, DFI loses slightly in performance. Another thing struck us: The AGP slot incorporates a practical holder, which prevents the graphics card from falling out. In terms of benchmark results, the board scrapes by with an average performance rating, landing in the middle for all categories.

Freebie: The DFI board includes a free mouse pad.