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ioXtreme PCI Express SSDs Anticipate SATA 6 Gb/s Performance

Benchmark Results: PCMark Vantage

PCMark Vantage is a consumer benchmark and hence not a perfect match for the ioXtreme drives. However, it’s still valuable to find out performance differences compared against other popular SSDs, such as Intel’s X25 drive.

There is a significant performance drop in the second PCMark Vantage run (lines marked “used”). The ioDrives, which utilize SLC flash memory, are much faster, but the ioXtreme drives still do pretty well. Since this benchmark doesn’t invoke many writes, there is no advantage for the accelerated write configurations. Maximum capacity performs best in this test run.

Again, the maximum capacity setting delivers the highest performance, this time in the gaming test run.

Vista startup is a theoretical test, as the ioXtreme drives still aren’t bootable. Nevertheless, the performance decrease at varying workloads is pretty heavy.

On the first run, the three different performance setups deliver similar results. The picture changes, though, when you stress the ioXtremes with various workloads. The second PCMark Vantage runs were significantly slower, especially when configured for improved or maximum write performance.