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Picking A Sub-$200 Gaming CPU: FX, An APU, Or A Pentium?

Benchmark Results: Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 demonstrated interesting CPU-bound behavior in our last System Builder Marathon series. Thus, we're curious to see how well it reflects the differences between the low-cost processors in our lab.

Once again, our chart is organized based on minimum frame rate to best reflect the experience when each platform is hit hardest. The Core i5 and Core i3 jump to the top. But the good news is that almost all of our tested chips hit at least 30 FPS.

As before, we're splitting these two charts based on pricing.

You can clearly see the two dips where the benchmark's demands really kick in, and that's where AMD's A4-3400 really suffers big dips below the 30 FPS mark. Most of the other processors do fairly well, though the Athlon II X3 and X4s dip a little lower than the other contenders.

The situation is a little more favorable when you spend extra on your CPU, though the FX-series parts and A8-3870K take slightly larger hits than the other chips, most of which manage to stay above 40 FPS.

Intel's Core i5-2400 is hardly visible at all, since it hovers above 60 FPS. The same goes for the Core i5-2500K. Again, we see the $125 Core i3-2100 post a great result, especially considering its price tag and the competition surrounding it.