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IDF Spring 2006: Will Intel's Core Architecture Close the Technology Gap?

There Is More To Save

The Core Micro architecture's platform was, of course, a hot topic at IDF. 'Satisfaction per Watt' was one buzz phrase that we often heard at IDF.

In regard to power savings, the platform could centralize power management by, for example, putting the chipset and the memory into a power-saving state, while the graphics chip remains active. Intel will add several digital thermal sensors (DTS) and digital thermometers to the processor cores to facilitate the task.

Virtualization Of I/O Devices: VT-d

Intel's virtualization technology (VT) has just been introduced, but Intel is already talking about the next generation. Virtualized solutions are great for failover solutions, expansion or consolidation. The next generation is called VT-d, which stands for directed I/O.