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IDF Spring 2006: Will Intel's Core Architecture Close the Technology Gap?

Mashups To Drive Mobility

We found the presentation of so-called "Internet Mashups" very interesting. A Mashup is the combination of two different Internet services to achieve another goal. The example Intel used is GoogleEarth, merged with the flight information system of the FAA, so the result would display the actual location of hundreds of flights on GoogleEarth in real time. Intel believes this type of application will drive mobility in the future.

Santa Rosa Platform For 2007

Santa Rosa will be Intel's 2007 mobile platform. In contrast to today's 945GM Napa platform, the 965GM (we suppose this is a very likely name) will add-fourth generation mobile graphics and a new 802.11n wireless (Kedron). ICH8M will support AMT (Active Management Technology), but it is also intended to support Wireless AMT, which means that system maintenance (remote startup, BIOS changes, etc) could even be done over wireless networks. Isn't that scary and amazing at the same time?

Three Serial ATA II ports and 10 USB 2.0 ports will be part of the new mobile Southbridge. Intel also intends to bundle its mobile chipsets with Viiv Media Share software, which facilitates accessing multimedia content on a Viiv PC. Of course, you are supposed to buy one of these in order to make use of this feature. Finally, Intel NAND flash could be found on mobiles in the form of an add-on module called Robson, which we describe below.