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The Influence of CPU on Voodoo 2 Performance

GLQuake - The Grandfather Of 3D Action Games

GLQuake requires a lot less CPU performance than Quake II, but in multi player mode it still asks for quite a bit of power.

Bigass1 shows, even GLQuake could do with more CPU power when running two Voodoo² boards in SLI.

The poor Pentium MMX 200 hasn't got a chance of serving the Voodoo² well enough when playing GLQuake in multi player mode.

Things look different when running 'timedemo demo2'. The Pentium II 300 CPU hasn't got that much of a problem sending enough data to the Voodoo². This is what it should look in all benchmarks, alas the Pentium II 300 is simply too slow.

The Pentium MMX 200 is at least able to show some kind of difference in this 'diet Quake 3D benchmark', but it's not up to feeding the Voodoo² in SLI config at 640x480.