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Intel 750 Series 400GB Versus Samsung SM951 512GB

We're pitting Intel's 400GB SSD 750 against Samsung's 512GB SM951 because they're the fastest PCIe-based drives in their respective categories today.

Sequential Write

If you follow the enterprise SSD market, then you already know about Intel's DC P3700, DC P3600 and DC P3500 drives designed for the datacenter. The flagship DC P3700 2TB delivers up to 1900 MB/s of sequential writes. When we first learned about the SSD 750, we hoped it would be capable of similar performance, with the largest difference being the endurance of its flash. That ended up not being the case.

When it comes to sequential write performance, we don't have to look at queue depth to determine which product is faster in normal use. Samsung's SM951 512GB starts out with a performance lead at low queue depths and retains that advantage as the outstanding commands start stacking up.

One attribute of the three drives we tested that impressed us was their high sequential performance at low queue depths. This test uses a limited amount of preconditioning, but is far from true steady state. The SSD 750 and SM951 don't accelerate as the load increases; the experience we would normally expect at high queue depths is available down low as well, which is where you really need lots of performance.

Chris Ramseyer is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.