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Leadtek's $900 Performance Leviathan

Beside Warranties, What Else Comes In The Box?

The reference design GeForce 8800 Ultra and the Leadtek Leviathan are same length and height.

The ultimate breakdown is when a card goes bad. If the Leviathan drops dead after "standard used," Leadtek will replace it up to 36 months from the purchase date. This is the usual standard warranty in North America. Not all regions are the same so do check the warranties in your region before buying. The only cost to the consumer if the card goes bad is the shipping back to Leadtek. There could be a hidden cost if Leadtek finds that the card is fully functional. It has the right to charge $30 for return shipping and a diagnostic fee if there is nothing wrong with the card. We do not like this practice as the customer spent $900 for the card, and if something should go wrong, it should be covered, no strings attached. Most likely, 95% or more users should not have any issues with the cards they purchase. However, we wish the reliability rate were 100%, but defects in the silicon or a bad connection between the PCB and components can happen, but such is life with electronic components.

Along with the installation manuals, the graphics card's package includes four self-tapping fan screws with which to mount the cooler. There is also a pair of adapter cables for the six-pin power connections for those with older power supplies. We would like to make it clear that you will need at least 35 W on +12V available to power the entire system with the Leviathan. This is the minimum specification Leadtek has made for this card.

In terms of software, Leadtek has a copy of PowerDVD 7 and the necessary HD component (Y, Pb, Pr) and S-Video out cable for video playback. Leadtek also includes two games with the card: Joint Task Force, a real-time strategy (RTS) that launched in September 2006, and the hybrid RTS role playing game SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars (launched May 2006). As you can see from the dates, these games are almost a year old. We would have liked to have seen newer titles or at least one recently-released title bundled with the purported "fastest" retail graphics card on the market.