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Kaser Net'sPC2 YF810-8G Review: $100 For An Android Nettop?

System Testing: Geekbench

As the only truly cross-platform system benchmark available today, GeekBench provides our CPU and platform performance data.

Given that we're dealing with a $100 nettop, we didn't really expect much. But these Geekbench results really put performance into perspective. With only a single 1.0 GHz Cortex-A8 core, the Kaser’s Allwinner A10 SoC predictably delivers less than half the performance of the equally-clocked dual-core Cortex-A9 inside Apple's A5 SoC. Compared to first-generation netbooks based on the Atom N270, the Allwinner A10 provides roughly one-third of the performance. With nearly seven times the performance of the Kaser, Google’s Nexus 7 is well worth twice the price of the Net'sPC2. The equally-priced Vista-based office rig delivers a whopping ten times the system performance as the $100 Kaser. Meanwhile, the $50 Gingerbread-based LG Optimus S holds its own, delivering slightly more than half the performance of the $100 Android-based nettop.

The five year-old PC dominates in CPU performance, with the Nexus 7 placing a respectable second. The iPad 2 and Dell Mini 10v trade blows in third place, with the Atom providing higher integer scores and the Apple tablet having the upper hand in floating-point math. For the first time, Kaser's Net'sPC2 dominates the Optimus S, achieving over twice the burner’s integer score, and almost four times as much in floating-point throughput.

While the Kaser is horribly beaten by most of our test systems in CPU performance, the memory spread isn’t as brutal. Here, we can see that the Optimus doesn’t have a significant disadvantage versus the Kaser in memory performance, even though the paltry amount of system memory is a constant issue with prepaid smartphones, and we’ll get to see a perfect example of this next in our graphics testing.