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iBuyPower P500X And P900DX Workstations, Reviewed

Productivity: Coding And Compression

Visual Studio 2010

Here we look at yet another use of workstations besides video and animation: compiling code.

The P900DX commands a 2.27x lead, though that's not as compelling as its lead in many of the 3D rendering tests.

Since it's difficult to spread compiles across multiple systems like you would when rendering an animation, having more power centered on a single system is obviously going to be preferable.

Compression Utilities

The P900DX gets a 1.8x lead on the P500X in 7-Zip.

Meanwhile, the bigger workstation only earns a 21% lead in the WinRAR test.

The situation reverses on the WinZip test. The P500X ekes out a 2% lead thanks to its higher clock rate and Ivy Bridge architecture, whereas the P900DX’s superior memory bandwidth keeps it close. WinZip 16.5 is still massively slower than the other compression utilities, even when given the same workload. However, we know from playing around in WinZip 17 that Corel is putting a lot of effort into performance optimization now.

None of the compression utilities seem as well-threaded as our other tests, and they certainly cannot fully utilize the P900DX. Not that you’d buy a workstation for file compression in the first place…