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iBuyPower P500X And P900DX Workstations, Reviewed

Rendering And 3D Animation: Cinebench, LuxMark, And & SolidWorks

Maxon Cinebench

Cinebench is a portable benchmark created by Maxon, based off of its Cinema 4D software. Because the test scenes change from revision to revision, it is difficult to compare results between Cinebench versions.

Cinebench OpenGL

The Cinebench OpenGL test plays an animation of a car chase through city streets and records the results in frames per second. The P900DX’s 33% lead in this test is pretty consistent with the other OpenGL performance results we've seen.

Cinebench Rendering

The Cinebench Render test renders a single animation frame using up to 64 threads. It then compares the render time against a 1 GHz baseline machine and reports the score in points, with one point being the score of the baseline machine.

The P900DX has a 3.51x lead over the P500X, which is toward the low end of what we’ve seen from other fully threaded render tests, but still no slouch.

LuxMark 2.0

LuxMark is an OpenCL benchmark tool created by LuxRender as a promotional tool based on its render engine. It is a freely available benchmarking tool that is cross-platform compatible under OpenCL.

Being entirely GPU-based, LuxMark shows the same results as pretty much every other GPU-based rendering test we’ve run in this article, with the P900DX leading by 34%.

SolidWorks PhotoView 360

Photoview 360 is an application included with SolidWorks to make photorealistic rendered views of CAD models. In this case, we’re looking at a render of a butane lighter.

The P900DX shows 67% faster than the P500X in this test. While this is an improvement, it still falls far short of the performance difference we’ve seen between the two systems in other renderers. Our previous comparison of the Sandy Bridge- and Ivy Bridge-based Xeons show that Ivy Bridge has slightly better performance per-clock. That, combined with the P500X’s higher clock rate, may very well be helping close the gap between the two workstations.