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AMD Phenom II X4: 45nm Benchmarked

Energy Consumption At Idle

CPU Energy Consumption At Idle

We measured the energy consumption of this processor and compared it with other models:

System-Level Energy Consumption At Idle

Compared to its 65 nm Phenom, AMD was able to reduce energy needs by between 10 and 17 watts--close to the notorious power-friendly Phenom X4 9350 from the 65 nm product family. Intel’s Core i7 still weighs in at substantially higher values than any of the AMD processors, but the Core 2 Quad Q6600 consumes 19 watts more at idle. This may make a more meaningful basis for comparison, as this CPU costs about the same as the entry-level AMD Phenom II. In the end, energy consumption comes from an entire PC system, and is not solely a function of the CPU it contains. Together, all of the components determine how much energy will be consumed, at idle and otherwise.

The 790GX consumes significantly less power than the Intel X48 and X38 chipsets, giving AMD an advantage. At idle, the system with a Phenom II consumes only 113 watts. The Intel Core i7 920 system requires 136 watts, while the Core i7 965 Extreme system takes in 145 watts. Consider also that an idle system with a Core 2 Quad 6600 requires 3 more watts than a Phenom II system.

Components Used For Energy Consumption Measurement:

SystemPhenom IICore 2Core i7
ChipsetAMD 790GXX48X58
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce GTX 280Nvidia GeForce GTX280Nvidia GeForce GTX280
Hard Disk2 x WD 3200AAKS2x WD 3200AAKS2x WD 3200AAKS
BD-ROMPioneer BDC-202BKPioneer BDC-202BKPioneer BDC-202BK
Sound CardCreative X-Fi Xtreme GamerCreative X-Fi Xtreme GamerCreative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer