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Portable, Plug & Play, High-Performance Water Cooling: The Corsair Hydrocool200

A Look At The Hydrocool200, Continued

The hoses are simply cut to the appropriate length. Assembling the angled, self-sealing quick connectors is child's play.

No tools are needed to attach the quick connectors.

First, the free hose ends must be inserted into the holes on the slot plate card on which the control board sits.

The external unit is powered via this small board.

The control board has two functions. First, it supplies the external unit with the required voltages. Second, the temperature sensor and the PC's power on/ off cable (with Y switch) are connected to it, which ensures that the water-cooling pump starts when the PC is switched on.

The control and the power on/ off Y cables.

The control board and the external module are connected by a 15pol control/ supply cable.

The hoses are hooked up to the cooling unit on the rear using quick connectors, providing a good, detailed solution.

The self-sealing quick connectors are simply pressed into the adapters on the back of the device. After that, all you have to do is fill the tank with the additive supplied and some distilled water, and you're ready to go.

To transport, simply detach the control cable between the PC and the cooling unit and remove the self-sealing quick connectors from the adapters on the back.

Thanks to the self-sealing adapters and quick connectors, coolant losses are kept within bounds (a few drops).

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