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Spring Speed Leap: AMD Athlon64 FX-53

Performance Tests: Not Without Hitches

MSI K8T Master MS-9130: Problems With SYSmark 2004

Although the K8T Master cut the mustard in the preceding tests, it was unable to complete any SYSmark run-throughs with the Athlon64 FX-53.

Since the K8T Master alias MS-9130 was previously the fastest board seen in our lab, we naturally wanted to use it with the Athlon64 FX-53 for the tests. But the board put paid to our plans by consistently refusing to see out BAPCo's SYSmark 2004 to the end.

Although our first suspicions were directed to the processor (this board works perfectly as before with the FX-51), we were able to dispel any doubts by switching to the Asus SK8V.

Benchmarks comparing the Asus SK8V with the MSI K8T showed that although the Asus board was a tad slower, the differences did not lead to a change in the overall rankings. In most cases, the differences were so slight to be almost undetectable.

The source of the problem? MSI's Corcell chip overclocks the system automatically by up to 10%. Registered DIMMs may react adversely to this.