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Surveillance Hard Drive Shoot-Out: WD And Seagate Square Off

Results: Transfer Rate And Access Time

Since a vast majority of surveillance and video transfers are large block sequential writes, we took a look at those results to get a baseline for all of our drives.

Both surveillance disks perform almost exactly to their specifications. Seagate's Surveillance HDD is 20-30 MB/s faster than WD's Purple across the board. Also, as expected, the enterprise drives work their way to the top of the chart, with the high spindle speed Seagates pulling away from the pack.

The access time results are similar to the transfer rates, but with both the Surveillance HDD and Purple slipping a spot. Don't get too caught up in these numbers, though. Both drives have a very specific purpose, and excelling in synthetic benchmarks is not it. In fact, WD made it explicitly clear that the performance tweaks incorporated into the drive for surveillance data would adversely affect these types of tests. But this is just a line in the sand. The next set of benchmarks will ultimately determine the best surveillance drive.