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Surveillance Hard Drive Shoot-Out: WD And Seagate Square Off


Pricing was determined by checking multiple reputable online retailers. And if you're still on the fence between the Purple and Surveillance HDD, the information on this page won't be a lot of help. The WD Purple sells for around $180, while the Surveillance HDD is slightly higher at $187. Those prices are pretty much in line with other specialty 4 TB 3.5" drives. In fact, the Purple is actually only a few dollars more expensive than the WD Red.

Once you start moving into the enterprise space, prices quickly skyrocket. While the WD Se and Re are roughly 50-80% more expensive than the Purple, the enterprise Seagate drives are on a different planet altogether. As I noted earlier, those Seagate models are in there as a performance reference; they wouldn't normally compete in the same space as the Purple and Surveillance HDD. They're 2.5" disks with much higher spindle speeds and a SAS interface, which account for the massive price premium. We just wanted to add them because the 10K and 15K Seagate offerings perform so well, considering they're rotating drives.