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Win, Lose or Ti: 21 GeForce Titanium Boards

PNY - Black Is Back

The American company's headquarters are located in New Jersey. Besides video cards, the company's product line also includes SDRAM memory products, as well as SmartMedia and Compact Flash cards. The card itself is manufactured by MSI, as can easily be seen by the product code that is silk-screened on the board (MS-8853).

PNY Verto GeForce3 Ti500

The card and its features:

Graphics CardHardwareSoftware
PNY Verto GeForce3 Ti500GeForce3 Ti500: 240 MHz64 MB, 3,8 ns, 500 MHzGPU FanMemory HeatsinksTV-Out (CX25871-13)3D Shutter GlassesDVIDriver-CDNVIDIA 3D Stereo

In addition to the 3,8ns memory and the GPU, the Verto's brownish-black PCB also features a TV-Out encoder chip (Conexant CX25871-13) and a DVI connector for digital flat-panel displays. The heatsink fan combo is identical to those found on MSI's Ti200/500 boards, and offers adequate cooling. However, it does not correspond to the "Titanium-look" HSF with memory cooling, as pictured on the back of the box!

PNY also ships the Verto with the 3D shutter glasses, discussed earlier in this article. Unfortunately, the very generous hardware is paired with a meager software bundle. One driver CD each is included for the card and the 3D glasses. Once again, a software DVD player would have been high up on our list of expectations, right along with additional display tools. The driver CD does include the well-known Powerstrip utility , but, unfortunately, it is only the shareware version, with limited functionality.