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Win, Lose or Ti: 21 GeForce Titanium Boards

Max Payne

Despite its DirectX 8 support, the Max Payne engine only utilizes second generation hardware T&L. Nonetheless, even DirectX 8-compatible cards, i.e., the GF3 and RADEON 8500, supposedly benefit from the modern game engine.

Since the final "average" framerate has to be recorded manually (e.g. read from the screen and written on paper) at the end of each benchmark run, these results shouldn't be taken too literally. Inaccuracies of up to 2 fps are a possibility when using this method.

In this benchmark, we get to see the differences between the classes of cards. At first, the Ti500 is able to maintain a slim lead over the RADEON 8500. At 1600x1200, they are neck and neck, followed by the GeForce3, Ti200 and the RADEON 7500. This time around, it is the R7500 that dominates the GF2 Ti, which performs on a level with the old GF2 Pro.

Once again, there are minimal differences throughout the field. Making out a trend here is difficult.