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Workstation Storage: Modeling, CAD, Programming, And Virtualization

VMware: Booting

Overall Statistics
Elapsed Time31.39 s
Read Operations23 752
Write Operations1303
Data Read864.65 MB
Data Written16.27 MB
Disk Busy Time3.236 s
Average Data Rate272.20 MB/s

SSDs are known for helping accelerate boot times. Queue depths during Windows start-up can easily exceed four, as the operating system accesses multiple files in quick succession or at the same time. This is exactly we see when Windows 7 loads up under VMware Workstation. Fewer than half of the operations occur at a queue depth of one. The vast majority of the transferred data is sequential, with about two-thirds of the operations 64 KB in size.

VMware Workstations takes as little as 30 seconds to reach the desktop. In comparison, our two Caviar Green drives in RAID 1 take about 50 seconds to get there.

I/O Trends:

  • 38% of all operations occur at queue depth of one
  • 55% of all operations occur at queue depth between two and five
  • 75% of all data transferred is sequential
  • 18% of all operations are 4 KB in transfer size
  • 64% of all operations are 64 KB in transfer size