Leak reveals Microsoft's next Xbox with familiar design in white — alleged 'Brooklin' revamp is dead

Official Xbox Series X logo, in white
Official Xbox Series X logo, in white (Image credit: Microsoft)

Amidst the ongoing news related to upcoming game consoles, Exputer received exclusive photographs of a white Xbox Series X without a Blu-ray drive from its sources. This white disc-less Xbox Series X aligns with the recent spotting of a new Xbox development kit and the past leak of a disc-less Series X refresh. However, that refresh, dubbed "Brooklin," had a different, rounded design.

Below, we've embedded a tweet from Twitter user @Wario64 showcasing three photographs of Microsoft's seemingly imminent Xbox Series X refresh.

Exputer's reporting points toward this All Digital Xbox Series X including upgraded components, including the heatsink. This may mean that internally, other "Brooklin" improvements, like reduced PSU power, may still be on the table, though we'll have to wait for a full release for confirmation. 

It was reported that the Brooklin design refresh would include a 2TB NVMe SSD, doubling the storage on the current Xbox Series X. We'd hope that this new All Digital Xbox Series X would also gain the same storage upgrade.

For the most part, though, this really does just look like a white refresh of the Xbox Series X without a disc drive. Considering Xbox's past comments about its commitment to physical media, this being its next major console in a year when we're also expecting the PS5 Pro seems somewhat questionable. Hopefully, considering the re-use of the original Series X chassis design, there's at least an appropriate price drop for removing the disc drive.

If Xbox players are lucky, the competition against this Series X refresh offered by the PS5 Pro may push Microsoft's plans for a more powerful Xbox console to market sooner than the originally leaked date of 2028. Otherwise, Xbox could lose the console performance crown it earned with the original Series X.

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