Report: Brutal Legend May be Heading to PC

Double Fine's Brutal Legend may finally be making its way over to Steam. An entry for the heavy metal action-adventure game was spotted in the Steam CDR Database.

Since then, the entry's name has been altered to read as a Valve "test app." However, this same entry's also been spotted in the Double Fine bundle CDR entry, a good sign that Brutal Legend could very well be coming for the PC.

Brutal Legend first released in October 2009 for both the 360 and PS3. Double Fine never clarified the reason as to why the game never released on PC, but a recent Steam forum post by Double Fine studio technical director Nathan Martz indicates that it may have been due to engine limitations.



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  • dormantreign
    Very underrated game. I loved it.
  • cewhidx
    Jack a game...on my computer....Yup, I can dig it.
  • _Pez_
    what type of game is this ? I've never heard of it before..