Windows 7, Vista Downgrade to XP Rights Updated

Those of us who have used Windows 7 see it as being a worthwhile upgraded solution for both users of Vista and XP. We think it fixes and improves nearly every aspect of the OS.

So why would anyone buying a new PC packed with Windows 7 want to downgrade to Windows XP, or even Vista? Other than for business compatibility reasons, we can’t think of any (and even then, Windows 7 has XP Mode).

According to TechARP, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions will include rights to downgrade to either the equivalent version of Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional (or Tablet PC).

All of these options will supposedly be available for a limited time only, as Windows XP downgrade rights might not make it past more than six months into Windows 7’s general availability.

Clearly, the option to downgrade allows Microsoft to sell Windows 7 licenses with new PCs while giving OEMs a way to sell to customers not yet ready for the latest software.

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  • war2k9
    Win 7 is the best, no need to downgrade.
  • eddieroolz
    I wonder if they will keep doing this for Windows 8...

    There is a time when the old OS just has to die. Sure, it might be fast, and supposedly "secure", but no one can deny that compared to Windows 7/Vista, XP is full of holes.

    Let it die. Please.
  • jhansonxi
    Considering it's only an option with the higher-end packages it seems XP availability is still a "feature".