Zalman Introduces The Ultra-Compact CNPOS2X CPU Cooler

Zalman, a manufacturer of cooling equipment, has released its new CNPS2X cooler. This is a compact CPU cooler that is intended to cool CPUs with TDPs of up to 120 W. It has a diameter of just 84 mm and is only 27 mm tall.

The unit features a unique S-heat pipe. The heat pipe is bent throughout the entirety of the unit with the middle of the heat pipe making direct contact with the CPU IHS. The rest of the unit is a round array of fins made of copper for superior thermal transfer.

Cooling is accomplished by a single 80 mm fan, one that spins at speeds from 1500 RPM to 2600 RPM and noise ranges from 17.4 dBA to 22.7 dBA. Zalman makes a note indicating that the use of a 120 mm case fan is required.

Zalman's CNPS2X CPU cooler works on all modern CPU sockets including the LGA1150, FM2 and AM3+. It is expected to cost around $30.

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  • bucknutty
  • nevilence
    haha i see what you did there, "cool", you witty devil you. on a seperate note, that is a good looking cooler, even if it requires case cooling
  • Anonymous
    somehow i doubt that this little thing will be able to cool ~100W within acceptable noise levels. i'd actually be surprised if it manages even 80W.

    also, if the fan really is exactly 80mm, the whole heatsink surely is more than 84mm in diameter. 94mm would seem to be a better guess, judging by the pictures.