Aerocool Introduces Two Compact PC Enclosures

Aerocool has announced two new compact cases, the QS-101 and QS-102. Both feature identical interiors, with only the front panel differing on the two units. Inside, both units can house up to Micro-ATX size motherboards. Expansion is limited to the usual four slots, but they are all low-profile, so standard width graphics cards won't fit. Power has to be supplied through a front-mounted SFX power supply. As far as storage is concerned, users can fit a standard 3.5-inch drive in a dedicated location, and they can mount either an optical drive in the 5.25" bay or a combination of a single 3.5" drive along with two more 2.5" drives.

The front panels feature access to the optical drive, the standard set of HD audio jacks, and power and reset switches. The QS-101 will give you access to two USB 3.0 ports while the QS-102 will only have a single USB port. Included with both units is a single 80 mm fan that can spin at speeds of up to 1600 RPM making about 21.6 dBA of noise.

The unit is available immediately with both available in black, red and white.

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  • DarkSable
    I would much rather have mini ITX and a full sized graphics card, but hey.
  • JQB45
    I would much rather have mini ITX and a full sized graphics card, but hey.

    What case(s) do you recomend that are both mini-ITX, support full size graphics cards?

    My ideal case would be mITX or mATX designed to support a fullsize graphics card via a riser card so to keep the height of the case to less then or equal to 4" (102mm).
  • anathema_forever
    I might have found a use for this case if i needed a pc and 750ti gets a lp card. I could find a dual 3.5" hdd for raid one in it and a ssd for a system drive.