QOTD: How Much Did Your Computer(s) Cost?

Yesterday we found out that when it comes to sales of computers costing over $1,000, a whopping 91 percent of that goes to Apple.

Of course, the obvious argument is that many PCs cost under $1,000, while most Mac computers cost over $1,000.

Personal opinions of Apple computers aside, many of you chimed in and said that you've spent more than a grand on your PC, except that you chose to build it yourself instead of buying it built from a business.

This brings us to today's QOTD: How much did your computer cost? Please feel free to tell us about your gaming desktop, your laptop for work or school, or even about your entire server farm that you're running in your basement.

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  • Gradis
    I looked at a mac. I was charged $50.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    I spent enough on my computer to make my penis appear larger. I also bought some go faster stripes to stick on the side of my car and bought a three wolf and moon t-shirt to maximise my pulling power.

    Not really the best QOTD since not a single comment poster will care in the slightest what other people put...
  • shening
    1200-1300 $ plus upgrades overtime so i'd say around 1500,but my PC >>>>>>>>> ANY Mac anywhere around that price.
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  • Tech-Boy
    Mine Costed right around $850 for just the tower.
  • Tech-Boy
    Tech-BoyMine Costed right around $850 for just the tower.

    It has a x4 940 at it's heart, and a gtx 260.
  • thiswillkillthat
    Mine is a 2.93 GHz 17" MacBook Pro. I bought it refurbished, so $2250.