Deals August 16: Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse $59.99

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  • vestibule
    That looks like a really good deal on the Lenovo, a desktop HD 7770 is roughly 20% faster than a 750m according to notebookcheck, not bad for a $770 laptop, not to mention it being nearly $500 off.

    I could have used a deal like that 4 years ago when I had to pay at least $950 on a laptop for college, I got a Lenovo Y550 with a Geforce 130m for $1,250 rather than building a new desktop to play games. This looks much better for modern games than my Y550 was at the time, the 130m is about 50% the speed of a desktop Geforce 9600 GT.
  • Nuck Chorris
    I'm using my G600 right now. I got it for $50 here in Au.
    Best mouse I had so far and has same specs as Naga 2014 (G600 has one button more).
  • Nuck Chorris
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