Roccat Reveals Keyboard/Smartphone Combo, Modular Mouse

Roccat introduced on Tuesday two new peripherals for PC gamers: the Nyth gaming mouse and the Skeltr gaming keyboard, both of which will make their public debut during Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany next week.

"We've wanted to develop our own MMO mouse for a long time, but like always, we end up seeing a bigger picture once we begin brainstorming," René Korte, CEO and founder of Roccat, explained. "MMO mice have these massive button grids that are locked in. You can change the button functionality, but what if you don't like the layout?"

The solution: invent a modular MMO mouse that has interchangeable button combinations. He said that gamers will have access to Roccat's button inventory files, and those with access to 3D printers can even create their own buttons.

"With a replaceable side-part, coupled with our button modularity, the Nyth can absolutely transition into a perfectly fine-tuned MOBA mouse, and yes, even an FPS mouse," Korte said. "The Nyth adapts, evolves, and keeps on giving far into the future. It's a remarkable peripheral conceptualized and created by our amazing design team."

As for the Skeltr, it's a keyboard with a built-in smartphone stand capable of grabbing most phones thanks to a sliding rail. Users can pair their smartphone to the peripheral via Bluetooth, a capability that allows the phone to serve as a second screen. Unfortunately, Roccat didn't elaborate on this feature.

"It allows gamers to use their phones as a highly interactive compliment to the game they're playing," Korte said. "We also believe being able to use your keyboard to communicate on your smartphone is a no-brainer feature ROCCAT fans will deeply appreciate. Our designers worked very hard to make these integrative experiences that gamers can use second nature, without distraction."

He said that the Skeltr includes brilliant RGB illumination, no ghosting, and most every other function that Roccat has provided in its other keyboards on the market. This peripheral is both familiar and "trailblazing" all at the same time, he said.

We expect to see additional details when the peripherals actually make their debut at Gamescom next week.

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  • JackNaylorPE
    This could the Logitech Gaming KB LCD app concept to a whole new level. game Stats, CPU / GPU temps, text messages, movie player controls, etc.
  • DarkSable
    I like the idea quite a lot... it's essentially what I use my second monitor for while gaming.

    That being said, I have bluetooth on my desktop as well as the ability to play around with making a cell phone stand. Time to make a homebrew version.
  • JackNaylorPE
    Yes a worthwhile endeavor .... but what I was thinking was having this on the market will spur the development of apps to use on it. Right now I can change voltages and BIOS settings via Bluetooth but I never saw the sense in it. I mean if I am sitting there, what's the point ?

    Personally I'd rather have a slot that I just pop the thing in, of course you would have to have a slot with in a slot as it would have to be adaptable for various form factors.

    1. Pop your phone in the slot would be the same as connecting the cable to your would charge, sync, upload photos, all those things.

    2. Run apps on the screen monitoring temps, handling IM, show progress of movie player.

    The problem is that I don't see an app developer passing by this forum and thinking .... "jack and dark on THG are gonna make their own mount thingie, why don't we make some apps for it ?" It's not like you can find a dozen of apps for the Logitech G19.